Internet Services & Mobile Printing

About Internet Access

Jefferson-Madison Regional Library provides computers and Internet access in support of the library’s mission to provide services emphasizing general information and information literacy. The library’s Internet access is intended primarily as an informational and educational resource.Internet Access is available at all branches. For more details, please see JMRL's full Computer and Internet Access Policy.

  • A library card is required to use internet computers
  • Out-of-area visitors may request a guest pass valid for 7 days
  • Patrons age 16+ must present valid photo ID with correct address
  • Use of library computers is limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting


In compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act, all library computers have filtered internet access. Adults (17+) must present proper identification (picture ID with date of birth) when requesting unfiltered Internet access.

Library staff does not supervise juvenile patrons' internet use (see Policy 4.234)


About WiFI

What do I need for Wifi?

A laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any device that can connect to wireless internet. A JMRL library card is not required. Anyone who complies with the Library's Computer and Internet Access Policy (PDF)  may use JMRL's Wireless Access service.

JMRL circulates Chromebooks that can be checked out and used within the library. See Circulation or Reference staff if you would like to check one out.

Chromebooks do not have Microsoft Office available. You may download a blank document, spreadsheet or powerpoint file by selecting the links below:

Microsoft Word = opens in Google Docs on Chromebook

Microsoft Excel = opens in Google Sheets on Chromebook

Microsoft PowerPoint = opens in Google Slides on Chromebook

How do I connect to WiFi?

If your device doesn't establish a connection automatically, look for available networks and select JMRL-Public or JMRL-Ting. If you are not prompted immediately to accept JMRL's Computer and Internet Access Policy, open a web browser and direct it to Once you have accepted JMRL's policy, you are granted access to guest WiFi.

Library staff will assist you in configuring your WiFi connection or attempt to troubleshoot any problems you encounter while using the WiFi in the library. For your protection staff are not allowed to touch your laptop or device in order to help you, but will do whatever else they can.

WiFi is offered at all JMRL branches.

Is the information on my device safe while I am connected?

Wireless data can be intercepted easily. Utilizing virus protection, a personal firewall, and other measures to protect the information on your device is highly recommended and is the sole responsibility of the user. JMRL is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to your device that might result from using the library wireless network or other internet access in the library.


About Printing

Printing from public-access PCs is available at all library branches. Printing of computer materials will be charged in accordance with the Printing and Copying Policy. If you need assistance, please contact the specific branch.

How do I print remotely to library printers?