JMRL has a single catalog with two different interfaces to access and experience the entire collection.

Classic is the base interface provided by the catalog vendor.  It is a simplified experience for users who do not wish to see a lot of additional content.

Find It is a modernized interface built in an open-source application.  It is an updated experience similar to more current catalog websites with large book covers, carousels, and full integration in JMRL's website

Read more and see FAQs about the catalog on the page Findit.

Yes, the library circulates wireless hotspots that can be checked out at any location. Patrons must submit a signed Hotspot User Agreement form before checking out a hotspot.

JMRL circulates Chromebooks that can be checked out and used within the library. Patrons must submit a signed Chromebook User Agreement form before checking out a Chromebook.  See Circulation or Reference staff if you would like to check one out.

Chromebooks do not have Microsoft Office available. You may download a blank document, spreadsheet or powerpoint file by selecting the links below:

Microsoft Word = opens in Google Docs on Chromebook

Microsoft Excel = opens in Google Sheets on Chromebook

Microsoft PowerPoint = opens in Google Slides on Chromebook

You will need a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any device that can connect to wireless internet. A JMRL library card is not required. Anyone who complies with the Library's Computer and Internet Access Policy (PDF)  may use JMRL's Wireless Access service.

If your device doesn't establish a connection automatically, look for available networks and select JMRL-Public or JMRL-Ting. If you are not prompted immediately to accept JMRL's Computer and Internet Access Policy, open a web browser and direct it to Once you have accepted JMRL's policy, you are granted access to guest Wi-Fi.

Library staff will assist you in configuring your Wi-Fi connection or attempt to troubleshoot any problems you encounter while using the Wi-Fi in the library. For your protection staff are not allowed to touch your laptop or device in order to help you, but will do whatever else they can.

Wi-Fi is offered at all JMRL branches.

Yes! JMRL welcomes library card holders to use its laptops for civic, creative, cultural, educational, personal, or business activities. Library laptops and peripheral equipment are available at JMRL branches for use during hours when the Library is open on equal terms to all card holders in the community. Laptops are provided on a first come, first served basis. More than one laptop cannot be checked out to the same card at the same time. Laptops are for in-house use only; they may not leave the building. See the In-House Laptop Use Procedure below for full details.